Corporate Real Estate Consutling, Inc

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Corporate Real Estate Consulting, Inc.

Provides Solutions and Advice You Can Trust

Corporate Real Estate Consulting, Inc. (CRECI) provides corporate real estate services and advice to companies that own corporate or commercial real estate. We specialize in assisting Fortune 500 companies with their real estate needs and have extensive experience supporting the manufacturing sector. CRECI has a long history of leading the real estate work stream for mergers, acquisitions and divestitures.
We are a corporate real estate company with more than 25 years of advisory services helping to solve issues related to the acquisition, disposition, leasing, encumbrance or donation of real property.
CRECI Value Proposition
  • State of the Art Objective Professional Services and Advice
  • Optimal Productivity and Accountability
  • Right sized and Right Sourced
  • On Demand: Expand or Contract Staffing as needed
  • Minimal to no learning curve
  • Seamless transition to CRECI service providers qualified to assume and implement your CRE function - on Day 1
  • Provide succession planning and staffing solutions for the CRE function

We provide you with advice that you can trust. We can help you to manage your commercial and industrial real estate projects from inception to completion and optimize value. Contact us and allow us to help you to solve your corporate real estate issues today.